CM-RP-03E/CM-RP-03S Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

ตู้คอนโทรล รุ่น CM-RP-03E 1 Loop รองรับ Detector ได้ 256 Add/Loop with 7" color screen with Tel. (Not expandable, No Networking )

ตู้คอนโทรล รุ่น CM-RP-03S-1L 1 Loop รองรับ Detector ได้ 256 Add /Loop  with 7" color screen with Tel.  (Expandable to 4 loops) 

ตู้คอนโทรล รุ่น CM-RP-03S-2L 2 Loop รองรับ Detector ได้ 512 Add /Loop  with 7" color screen with Tel.  (Expandable to 4 loops) 

ตู้คอนโทรล รุ่น CM-RP-03S-3L 3 Loop รองรับ Detector ได้ 768 Add /Loop  with 7" color screen with Tel.  (Expandable to 4 loops) 

ตู้คอนโทรล รุ่น CM-RP-03S-4L 4 Loop รองรับ Detector ได้ 1024 Add /Loop  with 7" color screen with Tel. 


Fire Alarm Control Panel

Incorporated with advanced technologies from Japan, the full two-way communication system achieves a performance of high stability, high quality, and high noise resistant

▪ The development target is matching European and U.S. system concepts, and the products have equal functionality and quality

▪ The full two-way wiring has helped the system to benefit from lower wiring cost and installation time

▪ The innovative technology product offers buildings the most typical protective value and most accessible user interface.  

▪ Adopt modular circuit and loop board card design for high efficiency, fast service concept.

▪ A support 256 addresses in every loop, the system supports up to 16 loops; conventional smoke detectors can be connected to powered addressable relays without external DV 24V power.

▪ Optional 15” or larger English text displaying color LCD touch-screen and software are available for disaster prevention center to remotely activate/ inactivate device functions on the scene.

▪ The isolation setting can isolate input points, output points, and groups, the number of isolated points will be displayed on the LCD panel.

▪ Up to 99 control panels can be connected with optional network interfaces to build a control panel network for synchronized monitoring, configuring, operating, as well as remote monitoring and service.

▪ The system is perfect for upgrading existing system in a building or replacing imported system.

▪ Suitable locations: Medium and large shopping malls, congregate buildings, public construction, factories, campuses, and military buildings. 


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